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List of State Parks in the United States

List of Nebraska State Parks
The majority of Nebraska State Parks offer camping, many have lodging facilities that include cabins, yurts etc. Please visit the links provided for campground/camping info.

Chadron State Park is a 972 acre state park that lies in the heart of the Nebraska National Forest. Chadron State Park is located 9 miles south of Chadron NE

Eugene T. Mahoney State Park has numerous recreational activities that include a family aquatic center, with a wave pool, two 200-plus-foot curling water slides, miniature golf, tennis and basketball courts, horseback trail rides, fishing, hiking, a 70-foot observation tower, and the Denman and Mary Mallory Kountze Theater. Eugene T. Mahoney State Park is located near Ashland, NE

Fort Robinson State Park has 22,000 acres of Pine Ridge scenery, compelling old west history, and the park's own buffalo and longhorn herds. The State Historical Society operates a museum and many restored or reconstructed exhibit buildings. The University of Nebraska operates the Trailside Museum which interprets the geology and natural history of the region, visit the new exhibit "The Clash of the Mammoths".

Indian Cave State Park has 3,052 acres bordering the mighty Missouri River, There are 22 miles of hiking trails in Indian Cave State Park, located just 10 miles south of Brownville NE.

Niobrara State Park is perfect for the wildlife enthusiast! You can observe the many species that are native to the area. Check out the site of the mosasaurus palentological find, it was the first complete fossil of its kind found in Nebraska. Adjacent to the park is Bazile Creek Wildlife Management Area, which provides additional opportunity of wildlife viewing, fishing, boating and hunting in season. Niobrara State Park is situated at the confluence of the Niobrara and Missouri Rivers.

Platte River State Park is a 418-acre park that was once three separate areas — Harriet Harding Campfire Girls Camp, Camp Esther K. Newman, and a 104-acre wooded area. Visitors to Platte River State Park can climb to the top of the 85-foot Lincoln Journal Tower. The observation deck gives you a view in any direction. Platte River State Park is located 3 miles west of Louisville, NE

Ponca State Park is the eastern gateway to the 59-mile section of the Missouri National Recreational River, bordering Nebraska.The National Park Service has designated Ponca State Park as part of the Lewis and Clark Historical Trail. Ponca State Park encompasses nearly 2,400 acres of forested rolling hills and Missouri River bottomland. Ponca State Park is located two miles from the town of Ponca NE.

Smith Falls State Park straddles the Niobrara National Scenic River. Here you can view the state's highest waterfall. Smith Falls State Park is located 18 miles east of Valentine NE.

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Nebraska State Historical Parks

Ashfall Fossil Beds State Historical Park has an intact fossil site left in place for public viewing. The10-12 million year old volcanic ash deposit contains over 200 fossil skeletons from 12 species that perished in a dense volcanic ashfall while at a water hole, remains consist of rhinos, camels, three-toed horses, and other mammals. Ashfall is situated on 360 acres of rugged rangeland, 6 miles north of U.S. 20 between Royal and Orchard NE.

Ash Hollow State Historical Park comprises two attractions, located 2.5 mi. from each other: Ash Hollow Cave and Windlass Hill. At least four distinct cultures spanning over 1,500 years have been revealed in archaeological explorations of Ash Hollow Cave. Windlass Hill is located along the Oregon-California Trail where wagon ruts are visible on the hill. Ash Hollow State Historical Park is located near Lewellen, Nebraska

Arbor Lodge State Historical Park is a mansion, state park, and arboretum located in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

Bowring Ranch State Historical Park this 7202-acre ranch is devoted to preserving the history of the cattle industry in Nebraska of the late 1800s. Bowring Ranch State Historical Park is located north of Merriman, Nebraska

Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park also known as Scout's Rest Ranch, is a living history park, the property includes a home owned by Buffalo Bill, as well as many other historical exhibits. Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park is located west of North Platte, Nebraska.

Champion Mill State Historical Park, a day-use area displays the last functional water-powered mill in Nebraska. Champion Mill State Historical Park is located in Champion NE.

Fort Atkinson State Historical Park was erected in 1819 and abandoned in 1827. Fort Atkinson was the first United States Army post to be established west of the Missouri River in the United States. Now restored, Fort Atkinson State Historical Park is located E of Fort Calhoun NE.

Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park, Fort Hartstuff was an active post during 1874-1881. Now Fort Hartsuff State Historical Park is a living history site located Located near Elyria, NE

Fort Kearny State Historical Park, Fort Kearny was a historic outpost of the United States Army founded in 1848 in the western U.S. during the middle and late 19th century. The outpost was located along the Oregon Trail near present-day Kearney, Nebraska,

Rock Creek Station State Historical Park was established in 1857 along the Oregon Trail and California Trail. Deep trail ruts can be seen on the 390-acre park complex. Many of the station's buildings have been reconstructed, other attractions include a visitor center, and hiking trails. Rock Creek Station was a stagecoach and Pony Express station located near the present-day village of Endicott, NE


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